Limited Edition Baby Orangutan Package


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Baby Orangutan Package

What's Included:
- A frame-ready personalized certificate of adoption featuring a photo of the Toronto Zoo's baby Sumatran orangutan
- Baby orangutan plush toy
- Recipients name displayed as a Species Ambassador on our online wall of recognition for one year
- Sumatran orangutan fact sheet
- To/from card
- Partial charitable tax receipt of $82.00 for donor
- FREE shipping (some restrictions may apply)

Sumatran Orangutan (Critically Endangered) The Sumatran orangutan is a critically endangered species found on the island of Sumatra. Orangutan's live in tropical forests, which are being destroyed at an alarming rate, by conversion to agriculture, both by large commercial plantations and smaller subsistence farms. Illegal logging, gold mining, and palm oil plantations continue to threaten populations in the wild. At the same time, humans are selectively killing adult females in order to obtain live juveniles for the animal pet trade. By Adopting a Toronto Zoo orangutan, you are helping to support the Toronto Zoo's commitment to ensure this critically endangered species will survive for future generations. The Toronto Zoo participates in the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Orangutan Species Survival Plan (SSP). By participating in this SSP, coupled with direct support of conservation work in Sumatra, the Toronto Zoo remains committed to ensuring that this critically endangered species will survive for future generations. The Toronto Zoo currently houses the only Sumatran orangutans in Canada and, as part of the AZA Sumatran Orangutan SSP, thirteen orangutans have been raised at your Toronto Zoo since 1974.