Flamingo Valentine's Day Special


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Adopt a Flamingo this Valentine's Day and receive:
- A personalized certificate of adoption featuring a photo of a Toronto Zoo flamingo (valid from February 2022 to February 2023)
- Flamingo plush toy (valued at $12)
- Sheet of flamingo valentines
- Recipients name displayed as a Species Ambassador on our digital wall of recognition for one year
- American flamingo fact sheet
- To/from card
- Partial charitable tax of receipt of $88 for donor
- FREE shipping (some restrictions may apply)

American Flamingo (Least Concerned) American Flamingos are long-necked water-dwelling tropical birds, commonly recognized for their distinct pink feathers and unusual profile in the landscape. The American Flamingo is the brightest of all 6 flamingo species with feathers ranging from bright pink, to orange and red. These social birds gather in groups, called a ‘flamboyance’, where they may gather in large numbers of over 1000. Flamingos will select a mate for the breeding season and will remain monogamous, typically laying one egg per season with their selected mate. The main threat facing the American Flamingo is the disturbance of breeding colonies, especially by habitat destruction. Tropical storms and hurricanes can be lethal to coastal dwelling flamingos, and may alter the habitat by flooding, reducing salinity, and reducing food resources. Predators include raccoons, jaguars, margays and birds of prey.