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Species Ambassador packages include:
- Personalized certificate of adoption (featuring colour photo of adopted animal)
- Acknowledgement letter
- Animal fact sheet
- Recipients name displayed as a Species Ambassador on our website for one year
- Pack of collectible Wildlife Cards (5 cards total)
- To/from card
- FREE shipping (some restrictions may apply)
- Full charitable tax receipt for donor

Vancouver Island Marmot (Critically Endangered) One of only six mammals endemic to Canada, the Vancouver Island Marmot is a critically endangered species found only on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. In 1997, the Toronto Zoo launched a captive breeding and reintroduction program to save the species from extinction. Over 200 wild Vancouver Island Marmots now occupy dozens of mountain meadows. Invasive species, native predators and habitat loss due to climate change serve as the biggest threats to Vancouver Island marmots in the wild.