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Wildlife Protector packages include:
- Personalized certificate of adoption (featuring colour photo of adopted animal)
- Acknowledgement letter
- Animal fact sheet
- Recipients name displayed as a Wildlife Protector on our digital wall of recognition for one year
- Behind-the-scenes tour for up to 4 people in up to 2 areas
- Complimentary admission to Toronto Zoo for up to 4 people on day of tour
- Complimentary parking for 1 vehicle on day of tour
- Wildlife Conservancy tour guide and transportation to/from tour areas via limousine golf cart on day of tour
- Wildlife Protector lanyard for up to 4 people on day of tour
- To/from card
- FREE shipping (some restrictions may apply)
- Partial charitable tax receipt for donor

African Lion (Vulnerable) The African lion is powerfully built, with a broad head, thick, strong legs, and a tail tipped with a tuft of black hair. Male lions are known for their characteristic manes that frame their faces and cover their necks. The African lion is a vulnerable species, found throughout Africa, south of the Sahara. Wild populations are impacted by habitat loss, due to human activity and settlement, as well as retaliatory or pre-emptive killing to protect human life and livestock.